Founded in 2015, FATRI Lab is committed to becoming China’s the most influential private research institute. In line with the principle of academic equality and independence, we have attracted a large number of technical researchers and engineers with various backgrounds. They are equipped with advanced equipment and instruments, and focus on the research of MEMS, molecular biology, state-of-art sensor technology, AI and modern instrument technology etc.


FATRI Lab has numerous scientific researchers with backgrounds of physics, chemistry, math, molecular biology, material and so on, most of whom have doctoral degree or above. Additionally, FATRI Lab has many advanced experimental equipment: PECVD plasma deposition system, electron beam evaporation deposition platform, ICP dry etching, chemical-mechanical polishing machine, accelerometer calibration workstation, scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscopy, ellipsometer. The Lab has branches in Xiamen, Beijing and Xi’an, and has established technical exchange and corporation with famous research institutes and universities worldwide. The company will be continuously investing 20% of revenue annually in supporting the scientific research.


Apart from providing core and platform technology for subsidiaries, FATRI Lab also offers technical service that based on sensor, chip and system for industries of commercial aircraft, rail transportation, energy, precision instruments, medical health, industrial automation, the internet of things etc. Furthermore, we welcome visiting scholar around the world and related postdoctoral programs.

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