FATRI United Testing & Control (Quanzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd. (FATRI UTC) is a subsidiary company of the FATRI Group. UTC is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian. It covers 400 acre floor areas and 20,000 square meters building area. UTC is fully equipped for manufacturing, packaging and testing, including MEMS chip, materials and sensors. FATRI UTC is certified to the AS9100D Aerospace Quality Certification System, and operates under extremely strict quality control standards. The company has a large R&D team located onsite and in various cities, most of the members hold a master’s degree or above.

Presently, FATRI’s customers come from various industries, including energy, aerospace, rail transit, precision instruments, industrialautomation, and Internet of Things. FATRI also provides OEM and ODM services of MEMS chips and sensors to global customers.

Production Capacity:Material, Chip, Packaging and Testing Production Line.

Products and Services:Physical and electrochemical sensors & systems based on functional materials and MEMS technology, such as acceleration, force, pressure, displacement, sound, particle, gyro, liar, millimeter-wave, etc.


1.Application and Research of New Materials:To improve the sensitivity and the sensitivity-temperature response, FATRI Lab scientists are adept in the multi-material formula modification of PZT, NBT, BMT-PT, PMN-PT etc. The modified materials have obvious improvement in various electrical performance characteristics. FATRI Lab has mixed the ultra-high temperature material with rare earth elements, which greatly improves the Curie temperature and the high-temperature piezoelectric characteristics. In addition, FATRI Lab has also developed aerogels and polymer flexible sensor materials that can be applied to human medical measurements. These unique material technologies provide a good foundation for FATRI to develop various sensors.

2.Research on New Sensor Structure The traditional annular shear piezoelectric sensors are usually glued or soldered. This structure uses the direction of the piezoelectric crystal d15 to obtain a much higher piezoelectric sensitivity than that of the direct compression d33. However, the joint stiffness of the whole system is greatly weakened. FATRI Lab scientists have designed a unique wedge-shaped self-locking structure, which combines the advantage of high sensitivity of d15 and the high contact stiffness of d33 both. On the contrary, when the sensor is designed for ultra-high sensitivity and ultra-low frequency response, the FATRI Lab scientists adopted a flexible edge structure, which has greatly increased the signal-to-noise ratio, thus greatly reducing the low limit of frequency that can be measured by sensor.

3.Research on Advanced Multi-function Chips:In order to improve the performance and minimize the size of the sensor, FATRI Lab has developed the MEMS acceleration and pressure chip. These chips are based on both conventional silicon piezoelectric and principles of SOI & silicon carbide. FATRI is the first company to announce the technology of ultra-low temperature drift at 482 °C based on the principle of multi-material grading review. This technology can be widely used in the aviation, aerospace and energy industries. In order to improve the signal availability, FATRI has also designed a series of ASIC circuits to make better use of faint signal. These circuits can pre-amplify, digitally condition and communicate wirelessly with the original signal.

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