FATRI Lab founded in 2015, it determine to be the most influential private research institution in China. Based on the principle of academic equality and independence, FATRI Lab brings together multi-disciplinary researchers with dreams. These researchers rely on the advanced instruments and equipment of the institute to focus on micro-nano technology, molecular biology technology, and new sensing technology. Research in artificial intelligence and modern instrumentation. The FATRI Artificial Intelligence Division specializes in simulating animal and human nervous systems through sensor technology, functional material technology, signal processing technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, and modern communication technologies. The FATRI Artificial Intelligence Division relies on the machine neural system platform developed by FATRI Lab to transform the nervous system of equipment and vehicles to give the device a perceived "life". The system developed by the company is applied in the fields of energy, aviation, rail transit, precision instruments, industrial automation, and internet of things to meet the needs of different customers around the world, allowing global users to perceive the language from sensors and continuously improve the environment and health of human beings.


Machinery Joint Nerve Module

Similar to human joints, all kinds of bearings are also joints of mechanical equipment.

It is a device that connects two or more rotating pair in various structures, mechanisms and equipment. FATRI has designed a machinery joint nerve module by using a based MEMS sensor, wireless communication and AI technology. The module can sense temperature, temperature gradient change, vibration and vibration gradient change of a different variety of bearings. Through the AI self-learning system, it can sense and report early fault conditions and other physical parameters of the bearings health. This module with self-power supply, high sensitivity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, self-learning function, software self-embedded expert system, small size, and good physical embedded type features.

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Based on pattern recognition, wireless communication and big data analysis technology

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous progress of urbanization, China has become the world's largest elevator production and consumption market. The safety of elevators is directly related to the life safety and life quality of people, and has attracted the attention of the society and relevant departments. Based on advanced sensor design and manufacturing technology, the Artificial Intelligence Division has designed an elevator fault diagnosis system for elevator safety. The system can identify key conditions such as abnormal movement of the elevator car, elevator brake system, safety and door lock loop, and running noise. Monitoring, collecting, processing, analyzing and judging data through the terminal, and uploading the analyzed data to the cloud, with the corresponding software system, real-time remote monitoring of the elevator, and early warning of elevator failure to prevent accident occurred.

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Aviation, Energy, Rail transit, Precision instruments, Industrial automation and Internet of Things

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