We are dedicated in designing, developing and producing high-tech health and medical product that can solve medical problems. By using the advanced technologies of material, sensor, molecular biology, AI and cloud computing, FATRI focuses on R&D the revolutionary product of treatment, surgical assistant, testing and monitoring. Additionally, we are analyzing big data, and connecting sensor technology with internet technology and medical industry, in order to find out the significant value of the big data.


Empowered by the FATRI Lab’s technologies of MEMS, material synthesis, molecular biology and AI, health & medical division design and sell the customized products applied to the medical fields of new treatment, surgery assisted, postoperative monitoring.

Product planning of IoT and health management big data


Quantum Shield - Wearable Purifier Series Product

Based on anion technology, a revolutionary outdoor respiration protection device

Based on anion technology and electrostatic precipitation technology, coupled with the application of principle of Bernoulli Equation, Quantum Shield series product enable to remove the polluted particle and gathered purified air around noise and mouth, and block the polluted air from entering body. The test results from ‘Guangdong microbiological analysis and testing center analysis and testing report’ reveal that, the product has 99.52% PM2.5 particle removal rate in the 1.5m³confined space, 80% removal rate in the open environment. The product also has 76.7% formaldehyde removal rate and 99% sterilizing rate. Additional, it can has high effectiveness for bronchial disease, pharyngitis and chronic rhinitis.

Children’s safety mask HQ02 specifically designed for children came out in 2017

Uric Acid Removal Device

Non-invasive sound and light ablation technology and frequency self-adaptation technology

Gout can not be cured thoroughly and can be easily relapse. It can cause great pain and inconvenience to the patient. The traditional medical treatment has extensive side effects. The uric acid removal device designed based on non-invasive sound and light ablation technology and frequency self-adaptation technology is safe and effective. These technologies can be applied to any body parts and ease pains of patient during the treatment.

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