FATRI Perimeter Security System, a combination consisting of various electronic devices, such as dome cameras, normal type cameras, drone, intellectual terminal, main control units, and microphones that arrange micro sensors in a specific cobweb pattern to detect sources of vibration. This close-looped system is designed to give customers reliable security services, for example, target detection, position fixing, identification, alert, tracking, capture and guidance. It can be widely used in perimeter precaution, pipeline maintenance, shooting gallery, landslides and seismic monitoring.


1.Close-looped monitoring system, vibration + video;

2.Regional monitoring settings, specifically designed for detection;

3.Source position fixing within the vibration system;

4.Object ID from human beings and vehicles;

5.Live video and object tracking surround the given regional area;

6.Panoramic video captured;

7.Drone cruise within the surveillance area;

8.Close-looped precaution operation: target tracking, guidance and capture;

9.Intellectual terminal alarm available;

10.Easy to install, provides good secrecy, practice;

11.System function customized.



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