FATRI Intelligent Transportation System is a sophisticated traffic intelligence system consisting of multiple sensors, data collection modules, computing modules and main a control center to achieve optimum on-road vehicle operation and guidance. It is able to offer services with precise navigation, message communication, weather reporting, vehicle-road cooperation, bridge stability, tunnel and seismic disaster warnings. This system is designed to be widely used in fields such as smart cities, intellectual traffic control and various other scenarios.


Complete collection, transmission, processing, and analysis amework; Flexible for multiple scenarios with different needs.

High reliability, with long MTBF ≥ 5 years; Good adaptability, with lightning protection and electromagnetic compatibility; Modular structure, can quickly build hardware system according to test requirements; Basic processing capacity; Supports wired and wireless transmission.

Modular structure, can quickly build software system according to test requirements; Basic parameters can be edited with a built-in self-learning function; User friendly interface supports PC and APP.



SS03-001 Navigation Module:
The Navigation Module uses UWB technology to position personnel, equipment and vehicles with high accuracy. It has the advantages of high precision, high dynamic, high capacity and low power consumption. Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the magnetic grid positioning and navigation module encodes the road by coating the road with magnetic materials and forms an invisible "electronic guide" on the road.

SS03-002 Bridge Module:
The Bridge Module uses strain sensors, displacement sensors, crack sensors, accelerometers, and environmental sensors, etc., for long-term real-time monitoring of bridge health status. Warning signals are issued for bridges under special weather and traffic conditions or serious abnormal bridge operational conditions. It also provides the scientific basis and guidance for bridge safety operation, maintenance and management decisions.

SS03-003 Earthquake Module
The Earthquake Module uses accelerometers, angle sensors, strain sensors and rainfall sensors to collect crustal plate or mountain motion information to report early warnings of geological disasters such as landslides and earthquakes.

SS03-004 Tunnel Module:
The Tunnel module uses fixed inclinometer sensors, strain sensors, crack sensors and environmental sensors to monitor the health conditions of the tunnel in long-term operation. It can realize health diagnosis and disease prevention and control of tunnel.

SS03-005 Communication Module:
The Communication Module includes communication 4G/5G module, Internet of vehicles communication equipment, NB-IoT module, Zigbee, and WiFi communication modules, which connect various sensors, collectors and servers to adapt to a variety of complex transmission environments.

SS03-006 Video Module:
The Video Module uses video and image recognition technology, can identify the recognition of people, vehicles and objects, thus auxiliary sensors to achieve automatic driving and a perimeter defense system.

SS03-007 Climate Module:
The Climate Module mainly uses various environmental sensors to collect meteorological data to achieve feedback on the climate, mainly in the fields of ground transportation, aviation, navigation and other areas affected by climate change.

SS03-008 Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Module:
The Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Module can connect traffic information signs such as traffic lights, speed limit signs and temporary roadblocks with self-driving vehicles by using the Internet of vehicles communication equipment to achieve autonomous driving.

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