FATRI Mechanical Diagnosis System provides continuous and on-line monitoring,diagnosis and analysis functions. The whole system adopts modular design with high continuity, extendibility, encapsulation and versatility. It is suitable for equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in machinery, electrical and other related industries. It can be used in industrial, energy, aerospace, rail transit, automotive, ships, test and measurement, national defense, the military industry and other fields.


1.Flexible application for multiple scenarios and alternative requirements;

2.Hardware system can be quickly built according to specific test requirements because of the modular structure;

3.Supporting wired and wireless transmission;

4.High reliability, long Mean Time between Failures (≥ 5 years);

5.Good adaptability, lightning protection and electromagnetic compatibility;

6.Basic parameters can be edited with the self-learning function;

7.Friendly interface, PC and APP supportable.

SS05-001 Elevator Module:
Can monitor the abnormal movement of elevator car, the key states of elevator braking system, safety and door lock circuit and running noise, collect, process and prevent the elevator fault to stop elevator related safety accidents.

SS05-002 CNC Module:
Real-time monitoring of cutting tools (fracture, wear, vibration stress) of machine tools and provides processing parameters; Measuring and forming closed-loop control of thermal elongation of the machine tool main shaft; Monitoring of chip removal from machine tools; Conducting condition monitoring and fault detection of main the equipment used for machine tools.

SSS05-003 Pump Module:
Through monitoring of the vibration state of the rotating machinery, together with the monitoring of temperature, speed and the driving current, more information about the machines health can be obtained, so as to effectively diagnose failures of the machinery.,并进行故障预警。

SS05-004 Lubricant Module:
Can prevent equipment accidents, evaluate equipment life expenditure, implement planned maintenance and optimizing equipment design. At the same time, on-line monitoring of particulate matter provides technical support for remote diagnosis of the equipment.

SS05-005 Joint Module::
Can sense temperature, temperature gradient, vibration and vibration gradient of all types of connection pairs. It can sense various early warning fault signals and other physical parameters of the connection pairs through a self-learning mechanism of artificial intelligence.

SS05-006 Airplane Module:
Powered by high performance accelerometer and pressure sensor, airplane module uses signal conditioning technology and AI self-identifiable malfunction diagnose, monitors plane in all directions from fuselage vibration, driveline system and important structure components, to elevate aviation reliability, simplify maintenance procedures and strengthen test performance.

SS05-007 Train Module:
Can provide accelerometer, tilt sensor, lubricant oil quality sensor, to secure important components, like bearings, gear boxes, electric motor, in all kinds of EMU, locomotive, urban rail transit units, in order to offer operation feedbacks on time. The system helps to guarantee perfect safety records in trail traffics.

SS05-008 Wind Turbine Electricity Module:
Monitors gearbox, bearing, and transmission shaft, offers health detection and fail warning in wind-turbine, tower, bolts, and Electrical insulation properties, to get predictive maintenance, higher equipment utilization rate, less cost, power generation increase, good economic benefit.

SS05-009 Vehicle Module:
Can provide accelerometer, tilt sensor, radar, lubricant oil quality sensor, to secure performance of components in cars, to get better work condition surveillance, better test/maintenance.

SS05-010 Power Grid Module:
Combine monitoring points, lines, surfaces and bodies of various physical fields based on temperature monitoring. No dead angle for monitoring. Sensing, acquisition, storage, statistics, intelligent diagnosis, evaluation, decision-making and execution are completed in one step.

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